Google is bringing free gigabit internet to low-income residents

Google Fiber is providing free access for low-income households

Google Fiber offers blazing fast internet to residents in a handful cities around the country, but some in those regions don't have access to decent internet at all.

Now Google, in partnership with ConnectHome, have announced that it will bring Google Fiber to residents in public housing, hooking families up with gigabit internet service free of charge.

ConnectHome, created by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, works with local government, civilians and the private sector to bring broadband internet access to more Americans, reducing the barriers that prevent many from entering and participating fully in the information age.

Google's first step in its initiative starts today is at the West Bluff housing property in Kansas City, Mo., where 100 homes will be outfitted with 1,000 Mbps internet. ConnectHome is contributing resources to increase computer access and digital literacy for residents in the area.

In addition to Kansas City, Google is working with the Housing Authority of Austin, Texas to expand its program outward, with the eventual goal of having every city that hosts Google Fiber capable of providing a gigabit connection to those who previously couldn't afford it.