Hacking movie WarGames set for remake

Would you welcome a WarGames remake as we enter a new age of hacking?

With those scamps at Anonymous and LulzSec dominating the tech headlines, there surely can be no better time for Hollywood to green-light a WarGames movie remake.

The 1983 cult classic stars Matthew Broderick as a hacker who nearly kick-starts World War III when he starts a virtual chess game with a government supercomputer.

Now, 18 years on, a remake is on the table with Seth Gordon, who directed the excellent The King of Kong documentary about obsessive Donkey Kong players, scheduled to take the helm.

However, far from being a shot-for-shot remake in the mold of every bad Horror redo of the last twenty years, Deadline is reporting that Gordon will have a "wide scope to create a new take" on the original.

Terrorism based

You have to wonder whether the recent activities of the high-profile hacking groups have convinced studio movie MGM to get their skates on with getting this remake commissioned?

The US and UK governments have also been talking up the threat of cyber terrorism in recent months, with the Pentagon looking to reclassify cyber attacks as an act of war.

We're interested to see in which direction Gordon takes the much-loved original. The Deadline report says it's likely to focus on terrorism.

If Green could somehow get get mid-eighties club lovely Ally Sheedy to reprise her role in her original youthful guise, then we'd really be in business.

Chris Smith

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