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Google 'serendipitous' with Squared timing

Google Squared - you saw the whole of the moons
Google Squared - you saw the whole of the moons

Google insists that the release of a host of new functionality for its search product was "serendipitously timed" but was indicative of a new trend to "add structure to the unstructured".

Google not only unveiled its Google Squared search, but also brought in a host of smaller enhancements to its product including the ability to look back only though the last 24 hours and the rather funky related searches 'wonder wheel'.

The timing could not have been much better, with Wolfram Alpha's computational search engine arriving to great fanfare, high-profile changes afoot at Yahoo search, and Microsoft set to unleash its 'Kumo' search engine.

Not influenced

Google insists that the launches were not affected by other companies who are all looking to make new waves in the search pool, but that they did indicate a growing desire to organise search information differently.

"The timing of the releases was serendipitous," a Google spokesman confirmed to TechRadar.

"But there is clearly a trend that, as more and more information arrives online making things more difficult to find, that there is a need to add structure to the unstructured."