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Google recruits Austin residents to fight for their right to fast Fiber internet

Google Fiber
Google has parked its stylish Fiber vans in Texas

Google Fiber is coming to Austin, Texas, but residents who yearn for the fastest internet have a daunting task ahead: to convince their neighbors they want it just as badly.

Google can't roll Fiber out everyone all at once, unfortunately, and only neighborhoods with enough interested households will get access.

Residents and businesses in South and Southeast Austin can sign up as of this week, and the neighborhoods with the most concentrated interest will be converted to what Google calls "fiberhoods" first.

A better way

Google says Fiber internet is up to 100 times faster than existing internet services.

There are a variety of plans, including basic service, faster Gigabit service, and Gigabit + TV service, plus deals for small businesses - but there's also a deadline to sign up if you want your neighborhood to be considered, so don't waste any time.

Google has also opened a "Fiber Space" in downtown Austin for Austinites to try the service out and sign up in person.

With TV part of the package as well the terror-filled reign of cable companies might finally come to an end.