Google Music launches massive sale

Google Music
Google Music holding a 'blowout sale'

Google Music has signalled its intent to prize customers away from iTunes by announcing a huge 'blowout sale.'

The limited time offer serves-up half a million top albums for just $4.99 - virtually half of what Apple is charging through iTunes.

There's also a whopping 10 million MP3 tracks available to buy for just 49c, again undercutting Apple by 50 per cent or more in most cases.

The sale represents most of the music Google is currently offering, with our searches yielding half-price results for an incredible range of classic and contemporary tracks and albums.

Everything but Sony

It seems that only Sony failed to come to terms with Google as albums from its stable of artists are missing from the sale.

In a post on the Google Music Android Market webstore, the company says: "We're proud to offer you over half a million albums for $4.99 and over ten million tracks for 49c.

"Search around the site for your favorites—we promise you'll find something you like at a great price!

"Few things in life are more important than music, and, since we launched the music store in the Android Market a few weeks ago, we've sought to connect you with the tunes you love"

iTunes bating goes into overload

Google's timing is shrewd, with folks looking for instantly attainable stocking fillers for their nearest and dearest.

Whether the company can keep users once the sale is over remains a different matter altogether.

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