Google gets time to remedy EU competition concerns

Google gets time to remedy EU competition concerns
Clock's ticking, Google...

The European Union has given Google a matter of weeks to iron out its antitrust issues rather than heading straight to court.

The investigation into Google began some time ago as competitors complained that Google favoured its own products in search results.

The EU recently said it will take its time deciding what to do about Google and whether there are any charges to bring against the search giant in Europe.


Now EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia is keen to remedy as much of the problems outside of court as possible.

He said, "I believe that these fast-moving markets would particularly benefit from a quick resolution of the competition issues identified.

"Restoring competition swiftly to the benefit of users at an early stage is always better than lengthy proceedings.

"Google has repeatedly expressed to me its willingness to discuss any concerns that the Commission might have without having to engage in adversarial proceedings, this is why today I'm giving Google an opportunity to offer remedies to address concerns that we have identified."

The first step is to acknowledge the problems and come up with some solutions, he added:

"In this letter, I offer Google the possibility to come up in a matter of weeks with first proposals of remedies to address each of these points."

After that, the EU may be able to drop its investigation without levying any fines or racking up any court hours.

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