The 10 most annoying things about the web

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Just because it's given us Amazon, Google, World of Warcraft and a million different ways to look busy at work, the internet isn't perfect.

There are minor annoyances, like spam and 404 not found pages.

And then there are the biggies, the things that make us want to hurl our modems into oblivion and go and do something more productive. Like gardening, perhaps.

Here's our list of the 10 worst things about the net. Add your own in the comments.

1. Nazis
And other ludicrous extremist groups. The net saves them from choking on their own incestuous bile and flatters them that their viewpoint is simply one of many valid and reasonable ideologies. See also white witches.

2. Porn
The internet would almost be safe for children, if it wasn't for all the porn. Also there would be a lot more bandwidth for all those Nazis and witches.

3. Censorship
Or rather, people who use freedom of speech as their justification for filling the net with Nazi porn. You have a right to your opinion. Pictures of naked ladies are not an opinion.

4. Memes
Rickrolling, cats that would like cheeseburgers, Leeeroy Jenkins, All your base are belong to us and the "O RLY?" owl. They don't waste as much bandwidth as porn, but it's still a lot.

5. l33t $p3@k
Also mIXiNg cAsE, miss-spelling "the" and "own" and saying ROFL, when you mean "that was faintly amusing" and LOL when you don't mean anything at all.

6. Punctuation
Why do web, DNS and email protocols think that underscore, a hyphen or a dot are acceptable substitutes for the space?

7. Searching
If the internet were not such landfill site of randomness, we wouldn't need the most powerful computer clusters in the world just to keep it indexed. Why can't we just have some kind of organisation?

8. Twitter
No I do not want to know what you are up to every second of the goddamned day!

9. Logging in
Twenty different online stores, 3 social networking sites, 6 online newspapers, 2 webmail accounts, 2 WoW accounts, online banking, online tax, online insurance, at least 40 different forums. And every single one expects me to remember a high security password made up of at least eight characters that doesn't use any word in the dictionary or my own name.

10. Procrastination
Anything you have to do, no matter how important, can always be delayed for another few minutes if you have the internet handy. Logging in to your Twitter account to write a miss-spelled, unpunctuated, rant about searching for censored nazi lolcat porn, for example.


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