BT to offer Wi-Fi to stay-cationers

So I'm in my caravan, on Facebook, drinking Macca coffee. Britain FTW!
So I'm in my caravan, on Facebook, drinking Macca coffee. Britain FTW!

BT will be offering Wi-Fi hotspots for the 'stay-cationers' that are flooding to UK campsites and caravan parks, but expect to pay unless you're with O2 or Openzone.

Three Pontin's sites, 77 Camping and Caravanning Club sites and locations in Skegness will all get BT Wi-Fi after a partnership with Wicoms was agreed.

The credit crunch has encouraged many who would normally venture abroad to stay at home this year, although the more cynical would point out that the deal has come about two months too late for 'summer'.

Plan B...T

Chris Bruce, general manager, BT Openzone said: "Having the option to get online and stay entertained will provide a useful 'plan B' if the weather does its worst, and being able to look up tourist information and hunt out local gems will make for a better trip."

The service is available at no extra cost for BT broadband customers with inclusive BT FON Wi-Fi minutes, BT Openzone subscribers, and O2 iPhone and mobile broadband users with inclusive Wi-Fi minutes in their contracts.

If you don't fall into one of those categories - you can by vouchers online (if you can get online to buy them of course) for 'as little as half a pence per minute'.

Spending a penny in a campsite in two minutes has never been easier.

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