Move house often? Optus has a new broadband solution for you

Optus Home Wireless Broadband

After all the back-breaking lifting and endless packing and unpacking, one of the most irritating parts of moving house is setting up broadband in the new home.

And with a lifetime of renting looming for many Australians – leaving them exposed to frequent changes of address – an easy-to-use broadband setup that doesn't require days to wait for a connection would be a welcome development.

Enter Optus' Home Wireless Broadband – a broadband solution for the more nomadic among us, it's also designed for people living in areas that can't access broadband.

Using Optus' 4G Plus Network, Home Wireless Broadband is an out-of-the-box modem that provides immediate internet access once its SIM's been activated.

Plans and payment

The package's bundle of 50GB per month is the largest wireless data offering Optus has ever coughed up on its 4G Plus network. While that doesn't compare with the unlimited data plans many more home-secure people have, 50GB is still a heck of a slab of mobile data.

The package is available on a month to month basis – costing $70 per month with an upfront $240 payment for the modem – as well as 12 and 24-month contracts.

12-month contracts cost $80 per month ($70 access fee and $10 modem payment), while 24-month contracts come in at $70 per month.

If users burn through all 50GB of their data before the month is up – let's face it, it wouldn't be hard – an additional 10GB will be supplied for a $10 fee. Once that extra data's been used up Optus will slow the service to 256Kbps until the next cycle.