Internode is offering $100 credit to geeky broadband customers

Where geek cred equals money

Internode broadband customers are getting all the love, with data boosts last week and now its self-proclaimed "geekiest promo in the universe", offering $100 credit to new broadband customers who can translate a Dothraki, Klingon or Elvish phrase.

So if you are a Game of Thrones, Star Trek or

The Hobbit

/Lord of the Rings fan, get yourself over to


website for some translating fun.

But if dragons and space aren't your thing and you don't want to miss out on the $100 credit – well, we're sure you'll be able to find some fictional languages help online from the legions of fans.

The promo runs until August 31, but is limited to new Internode customers on 24-month Naked, DSL broadband or NBN plans. But with Game of Thrones ended for the year, the Star Trek movie out for a while now, and the next Hobbit film not out until the end of the year, it might just prove to be a bit of fun for non-Internode customers too.

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