Amazon is going to start delivering fresh food to your door


Thanks to a new partnership with Morrisons, Amazon will soon start delivering fresh and frozen food to customers in the UK.

The e-tailer began its push into food delivery last year with the launch of Amazon Pantry, but right now does not offer fresh food, unlike its more extensive food delivery service in the US.

Starting later this year, Morrisons, one of the UK's "big four" "supermarkets, will supply fresh, frozen and non-perishable items through Amazon's delivery service.

"Hundreds of products from Morrisons will be available to our customers in the coming months as part of our Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Pantry services," an Amazon spokesperson told techradar.

"Customers can fill up as much or as little of an Amazon Pantry box as they wish for One-Day Delivery with a £2.99 fee for the first box and 99p for each additional box in the same order."

Not great news for Ocado

While the win for Amazon here is obvious, this could also be part of a clever long-term play for Morrisons, which hasn't pushed into the online retail space as aggressively as rival Tesco.

However the deal could spell trouble for Ocado, which is currently in 25-year deal with Morrisons to sell food through its online service.

Morrisons said it had reached an agreement with Ocado to grow, but stock prices for Ocado have dropped today, by around 7%, as investors soak in the latest news.

Hugh Langley

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