Adobe Flash 11 and Air 3 get October release date

Adobe Flash 11 and Air 3 get October release date
Adobe Flash the cache

Adobe has announced more details on Adobe Flash 11, revealing that it will be out in October and offer up 3D functionality. It also mentioned how it is helping to create the next-generation of websites and, er, how it is setting out to be the next-gen games console for the web.

While HTML5 seems to be what the web will be built on in the near future, Adobe is still hoping that its next-generation of Flash will entice devs to create content with its Stage 3D platform. Oh, and it has noted that it is supporting HTML5 as well.

Adobe also noted that, given the prevalence of web-based gaming through social-networks, Flash 11 was essential for a new age of gamers – and because of this it is setting out to be the "next-generation console for the web".

On the Flash

"Today, approximately 70 per cent of web games are powered by Flash, along with 9 of the top 10 games on Facebook, about 70 per cent of the games on Google+, and the top social games from companies like Zynga and EA," said Adobe.

"Games at their best are fluid, immersive experiences, and the unmatched consistency of Flash Player allows game developers to focus on making great games rather than fight fragmented technology.

"Games just play. And play big: Flash Player brings an audience over 11 times larger than that of the best-selling current generation game console… Flash Player 11 is the next-generation console for the web."

Other features you can expect to see in Flash Player 11 and Air 3 include: full native 64-bit support for 64-bit browsers on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows; Native extensions in AIR 3 to allow developers to take advantage of existing native code libraries and deep native hardware and OS capabilities; and Developers can package their apps with AIR 3 as a captive runtime for one-click, seamless installs on Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

Release candidate versions for both Flash Player 11 and Air 3 are out now, with a full release date of "early October".

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