Intel teases new Tiger Lake-H laptop CPUs with speedy Hitman 3 benchmark

Hitman 3
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

Intel has posted a quick teaser video on Twitter which shows one of its new Tiger Lake laptop CPUs running a game in excess of 200 frames per second (fps).

There are some caveats here, as you might imagine, but take a look at the tweet first, which contains a video of Intel benchmarking a brief scene from Hitman 3 (the ‘On Top of the World’ Dubai mission).

The Core i9 H-series 11th-gen chip – presumably the top-end 8-core model, with the H-series expanding the Tiger Lake laptop line-up from quad-core – is running the game as high as 238 fps, but around the 220 fps mark most of the time, which as you’re no doubt aware is extremely smooth.

Sky high

However, there are some things to bear in mind here, the most obvious being that in these kind of demos, benchmarks (and graphical settings) are cherry-picked to make the hardware appear at its best. And indeed the scene shown in the benchmark is a very brief one, and as one of the commenters on Twitter points out, it contains a lot of sky – meaning there is less to render overall, and frame rates will be speedier thanks to that.

In other words, this is a very short best-case scenario, but even so, to see a Tiger Lake-powered laptop hit these sort of frame rates is pretty exciting (and obviously that’s Intel’s intention).

What also isn’t made clear here is whether this is showing off the muscle of the Core i9 mobile chip to its fullest – meaning running with integrated graphics – or whether the CPU is partnered with a discrete mobile GPU (presumably the latter).

Intel’s new Tiger Lake-H processors are expected to be led by a trio of 8-core models, two of those being Core i9 efforts, the other a Core i7 chip (backed by 6-core Core i5 choices). These CPUs should considerably pep up the options available to notebook makers.

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