HTC Vive scores big as Oculus Rift hit Superhot VR arrives on Steam

HTC Vive owners who have previously looked with seething jealousy at Oculus Rift players enjoying a spot of seriously slick shooter action in Superhot VR need seethe no more – because the game has now arrived on Steam and the Vive.

Regarded by many as a flagship title showing how to do virtual reality gaming right, Superhot VR is a shooter in which you tackle waves of enemies with a simple bullet-time-style mechanic: time only moves when you move.

And this ‘Matrix’-like blend of strategy – standing still to pause things and think about what you’ll do – and breathless action when you actually move to tackle the baddies is a very compelling mix indeed.

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Hot deal

And this addictive title can now be enjoyed on the HTC Vive, with Superhot VR being available to download and install on Steam, currently with a 20% discount (a promotion which runs until the end of the month).

That means you get the game for £15.19 ($19.99 in the US – that’s about AU$27) instead of the normal price of £18.99 ($24.99, about AU$34), so this isn’t an expensive shooter either. That said, the actual campaign is pretty short, although there are other elements to tackle like the ‘endless mode’ and various challenges.

Initial reviews from Steam users seem mostly positive, although there are a few notes of dissent, mostly along the lines of the game being too brief.

Last year, when we first got to try out games with the Touch controllers on Oculus Rift, Superhot was our favorite VR experience.

Via: Gamasutra

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