How to watch All Creatures Great and Small 2020 Christmas Special online anywhere

watch all creatures great and small 2020 christmas special
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The spectacular Skeldale Christmas party is underway, with gorgeous outfits and festive delights galore, but a pregnant dog and some classic Yorkshire weather - what else? - are about to thrust Helen and James into a very awkward situation. Follow our guide as we explain how to watch the All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special online - best of all, as it's on Channel 5 in the UK, it's completely free.

All Creatures Great and Small cheat sheet

The All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special airs on free-to-watch Channel 5 at 9pm GMT on Tuesday, December 22 in the UK (repeating on Boxing Day, December 26) Thereafter, it will drop on the network's My5 streaming service. Outside of the UK at the moment? You can use a VPN to stream the show just as you would if you were back in Blighty.

It's been a couple of months since episode six aired, but who could forget the look on poor James' face when he found out about Helen and Hugh? The Christmas Special picks up on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be the day before the wedding, and James is putting on a brave face before a planned escape back to the north of the border.

But just as you think a very difficult evening is set to go by without a hitch, cue a call from Bert Chapman, requesting help for his dog who's struggling to give birth. Typical. Helen's eyes light up at the prospect of a respite from the endless wedding talk and, despite it clearly being the wrong decision, she decides to accompany James to the Chapmans'. 

But the fog closes in on the Yorkshire Dales, forcing Helen and James together on the night before she's due to get hitched. Will James finally reveal the full extent of his true feelings, and will Helen have any last-minute doubts?

Meanwhile, back at the party, Siegfried is torn between his feelings for Dorothy and his loyalties to his late wife, while Mrs Hall's big evening hinges on her mysterious son, Edward.

It's a nail-biter of an episode, as new relationships threaten to materialise and old ones are pushed to breaking point. so read on as tell you how to watch the All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special online and stream the season finale from anywhere in the world, including for free.

watch All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special online

How to watch All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special on Channel 5 in the UK

which is completely free-to-air

You can watch the All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special on Channel 5, which is completely free-to-air provided you have a valid UK TV license, at 9pm GMT on Tuesday, December 22.

If you miss the episode, or if you'd just prefer to stream it on a portable device, the broadcaster's free My5 streaming service will let you watch it on catch-up as soon as it's aired - and My5 also offers a live TV feed.

Obviously things get a little bit more complicated if you're currently outside of the UK. If you're abroad for whatever reason, using a VPN can allow you to tune into a UK server and watch like you're home. Find out more below.

How to watch the All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special on Channel 5 from abroad

If you're currently living in the UK, then watching the All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special is simple, as it's airing on Channel 5 on December 22. If you're abroad, however, things get a bit more complicated. Trying to tune in to My5 will hit you with a geo-block telling you that you're in the wrong country.

Luckily, this is easy to resolve, as you can simply download and use a VPN to watch it. A VPN is a smart piece of tech that allows you to alter your IP address to appear elsewhere in the world, in this case - the UK.

Then, you can easily, sit back and indulge in All Creatures Great and Small season finale wherever you are.

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