How fast is NBN 1000 really? Telstra's now offering up an official estimate

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While the NBN initially rolled out in Australia with a maximum plan speed of 100Mbps, halfway through 2020, telcos started offering NBN 250 and 1000 plans for the data hungry Aussies.

The lower speeds were fairly popular and it was easy to determine how fast they truly performed when strained in the evenings thanks to all the user data, but this wasn't the case for NBN 1000, until now.

Telstra is the first telco to offer up a definitive typical evening speed for its NBN 1000 plan, citing a 700Mbps download speed between 7-11pm. As is always the case with these estimates, it comes with the disclaimer that "speeds experienced may be lower due to factors including in-home set up and wiring".

Telstra Ultrafast NBN 1000 | Unlimited data | AU$140p/m

Telstra Ultrafast NBN 1000 | Unlimited data | AU$140p/m

If you sign up before March 29, you can score Telstra's NBN 1000 plan for AU$140p/m for the first six months, with the price returning to AU$180 thereafter. It includes a waived AU$99 connection fee, 3 months of Binge Standard, and a Telstra Smart Modem (if you stay for 24 months). Check your address for eligibility as this speed tier is only available to FTTP and some HFC customers, and you'll need to be a new Telstra customer.

Total minimum cost is AU$356 for 1 month

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If you're not after the insanely fast speeds offered by an NBN 1000 connection, then there are plenty of alternatives from Telstra that are also on sale at the moment, with most plans offering a similar discount for the first six months.

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