Hori Onyx PS4 controller finally cuts the cord on third-party gamepads

Hori's Onyx PS4 controller is the first wireless third-party controller for the console, which means that other manufacturers will finally be able to match the functionality of Sony's own-branded gamepads. 

Competition is never a bad thing, and third-party controllers are no exception. They keep console manufacturers like Sony on their toes, and gamers ultimately get to benefit. 

We've been impressed with alternatives to the DualShock 4 in the past such as Razer's Raiju but up until now they've all been wired, making them suitable for only a small subset of the console's complete audience. 

True competition

The arrival of the Onyx changes this, and means you'll finally be able to get an alternative controller without having to put up with reduced functionality. 

Design wise, the controller is much more similar to the Xbox One's controller design than the DualShock 4. The analogue stick and D-pad are swapped, and the D-pad is of Nintendo's classic 'cross-shaped' design rather than Sony's standard split configuration. 

The Hori Onyx is available in the UK now for £45, but no US or AU availability has yet been announced. 

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Jon Porter

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