Honor has two new smartwatches, and one is very similar to the Huawei Watch Fit

Honor Watch ES (L) and Honor Watch GS Pro (R)
Honor Watch ES (L) and Honor Watch GS Pro (R) (Image credit: Honor)

The Honor Magic Watch 2 sits in our list of the best smartwatches, and Honor has just unveiled its successor - well, spiritual successor, for reasons we'll get to - and another novel smartwatch.

This happened at Honor's conference at IFA 2020 where the company also showed off some laptops and two tablets: the Honor Pad 6 and Pad X6, which are two cheap Android tablets.

The two new Honor smartwatches are the Honor Watch GS Pro, a ruggedized version of the Magic Watch 2 with a few more features and protected design, and the Honor Watch ES, a fitness smartwatch that looks curiously like the Huawei Watch Fit (Huawei is the parent company of Honor, and the brands have previously put out eerily-similar watches too).

We'll run you through the two smartwatches, but look out for our hands-on reviews of them as soon as we can.

Honor Watch GS Pro

Honor Watch GS Pro

Honor Watch GS Pro (Image credit: Honor)

As we've said, the Honor Watch GS Pro is basically a rugged version of the Magic Watch 2. It has thick bezels, a stainless steel build, and flat buttons to the side instead of crowns. The screen is 1.39 inches across.

The smartwatch has built-in GPS, a barometer for altitude and over 100 fitness modes, including the standard ones you'll find on any smartwatch, and bespoke outdoors ones like hiking, skiing and mountain climbing. One of the watch's big features is Route Back mode, so when you've been going on a long walk or run, you can enable this mode and the watch will guide you back to your start position using GPS.

That's a potentially lifesaving feature, and we can't wait to test it out. There are also other health modes you'll be expecting if you know smartwatches or Huawei / Honor watches, including sleep tracking, Sp02 monitoring, stress testing and step counting.

Honor states the Watch GS Pro will last 25 days on one charge, which is an excellent battery life, but that drops to 100 hours when outdoor workout modes are enabled, and only 48 hours if GPS is active.

Honor Watch ES

The Honor Watch ES seems like a very different proposition to the GS Pro, aimed at a different audience - it's not rugged, and is instead a 'fitness fashion' watch. It has a long, thin 1.64-inch AMOLED screen that makes it look like a stretched Apple Watch.

There are 95 workout modes here, presumably the same ones as on the GS Pro without the few extreme sports ones exclusive to that device. Unique to this watch, though, are the 12 animated workout courses and 44 animated exercise moves, that guide you through exercises with a little digital person on your watch.

By the sounds of it, these options give you, in effect, a little personal trainer on your wrist to help you stretch or do yoga - we're not exactly sure what these courses are yet though.

All the other health options of the GS Pro are here like the stress, step, Sp02 and sleep tracking, and there's also menstrual cycle monitoring, which isn't present in the rugged watch.

The Honor Watch ES battery life is 10 days, according to Honor, which is shy of the GS Pro's lifespan but still a lot longer than most watches' lives.

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