Sony has no plans to launch 4K media player in Australia

No FMP-X1 for Australia
Sorry, Australia. No 4K media player for you.

While manufacturers are all beginning to launch new Ultra HD televisions in an attempt to convince consumers to upgrade, the biggest challenge they face is the question of content.

Sony addressed the 4K content question by announcing the FMP-X1 Ultra HD media player and while it's all set to go on sale in the US this month the electronics giant has confirmed to TechRadar that it has no plans to launch the player in Australia.

This means that anyone who purchases a new 4K screen from Sony in Australia is going to have to find their own 4K content - although admittedly that's the same for 4K screens from any manufacturer.

While there's a limited amount of 4K content on YouTube, this means that the premium you'll pay for 4K in Australia doesn't really get you much of an advantage at the moment.

4K content will definitely become more available as the standard becomes more common, but this is still a disappointing turn of events for Aussie early adopters.

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