Sony announces UltraViolet enabled discs for the UK

Sony announces UltraViolet enabled discs for the UK
Sony, enjoying a bit of the old UltraViolet

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that it is embracing the UltraViolet locker service in the UK, with the announcement that it will be bringing out compatible discs in June.

UltraViolet has something of a soft launch in the UK, so it is great to see Sony bring discs that will allow you to add digital copies to a locker for viewing on myriad systems and has announced that Jack & Jill, The Vow and

21 Jump Street

will all be UltraViolet enabled.

Own terms

Speaking about the news, Liz Bales, Director-General of UK copyright education body, the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, said: "Sony's announcement is fantastic news for UK film fans, the vast majority of whom are ready and very willing to pay for legal film, TV and video online and are looking for the industry to provide them with convenient, value-for-money services. UltraViolet offers this and more.

"It enables film fans to enjoy their content on their own terms, with the chance to move seamlessly between disc and digital formats."

The news comes after Twentieth Century Fox announced that it is still not committing to bringing out discs that use UltraViolet but it is still invested in the service.

UltraViolet launched in the UK in December 2011, with Warner Bros' Final Destination 5 the first disc to utilise the service.

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