Samsung deal brings on demand movies with Dolby Plus

Samsung deal brings on demand movies with Dolby Plus
Samsung - big deal

Samsung has announced a partnership with Acetrax and Dolby that will see it offering a pay as you go movie on demand service with Dolby Digital Plus soundtracks.

Available through the Acetrax app on this year's audio visual Samsung kit, the enhanced sound quality will be a major boon for those who have sat through the previous stereo-only offering.

"By joining together with Dolby, Samsung will be offering viewers the choice to upgrade to a full discrete 5.1 surround sound experience as though they were watching a Blu-ray disc or DVD, as well as an enhanced stereo listening experience," explained Samsung's release.

"The partnership offers viewers high quality Dolby Digital Plus surround sound on VoD content, to give a cinematic experience in the comfort of their home.

"With a Samsung home theatre system, viewers will be able to enjoy a truly immersive movie download experience, with full discrete 5.1 high quality audio transmitted through five speakers and a subwoofer."

Movie experience

The app is available through the now familiar Samsung Smart TV Hub.

"For movie lovers, cinematic surround sound is a vital element of the whole movie experience and Dolby Digital Plus ensures a superb quality 5.1 experience," said Dolby's Julia Kennard.

"So we are delighted that Samsung and Acetrax have chosen to deliver their new pan-European VoD service in Dolby Digital Plus to provide their customers with first class movie streaming."

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