Epson: 3D projection market 'not ready'

Epson says the market isn't yet ready for an influx of 3D projectors

Epson hasn't unveiled a 3D projector at this year's IFA, saying the market isn't ready for an influx of 3D projection products yet.

"We are not announcing a 3D projector," said Jean-Marie Lacroix, the Commerical Director of Epson Europe at a press conference this morning.

"The technology is not ready… LCD panel sales are only 3 per cent. Neither the market or content is ready but... watch this space."

Epson is the number one name in projectors worldwide and it will be a surprise to some that the company has held off. However, Lacroix suggested it wouldn't be long before Epson entered the 3D projection market.

"When the market is ready, when the content is ready and when the technology is ready we'll be there."

Instead of 3D kit, the company focused on its new 3LCD reflective projector tech with contrast ratios of 1,000,000:1, HQV processor and increased response time inside the EH-R200 and EH-R400 projectors.

The company also launched the 3LCD Epson EH-TW 3200 and EH-TW3600 Full HD projectors ideal for gaming, sports and the like.

Lacroix also hailed the strength of Epson's offering. "The reason we have been so successful is the sheer breadth of our product range. Today we are the only manufacturer with a product range [across the board] in projection." Epson has 29 per cent of the Epson home cinema projector market.

The company also announced it was spending 7 per cent of its $10.5 billion turnover in research and development.

Lacroix also tendered an interesting fact when talking about the company's reach into the print market - 50 per cent of the world's receipts are printed on an Epson printer.


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