Foxtel shuts down its 3D channel due to lack of content

Foxtel 3D
Will these specs soon become a thing of the past?

The end of 3D has long been heralded, and now another nail has been hammered into place with Foxtel announcing that it will be taking its 3D channel off the air.

In a statement on its website, the pay-TV provider said that the channel would be removed from its service and online TV guides on August 27.

While Foxtel's 3D channel has been around for almost 3 years, free-to-air 3D channels popped up later to broadcast international and national sporting events like the Olympics and the State of Origin.

But as Australia's first 3D channel to go on air, could it be the canary that signals the demise of 3D broadcast television in Australia?

3D lacking

Announced in November 2010, Foxtel's 3D channel mostly broadcast sporting and live events from Fox Sports and Disney's ESPN channel.

On its website, it wrote: "Due to a worldwide lack of 3D content production, it is no longer viable for Foxtel to maintain a dedicated 3D channel."

"Due to the declining availability of 3D Sport and Documentary content, we do not expect to be able to show these types of 3D content via On Demand once the 3D channel is closed down on 27th August 2013."

But while this may herald the end of 3D broadcast television, Foxtel will still have 3D pay-per-view movie titles available through its On Demand service for those of you who are still holding on to the 3D dream.