Sky has bought 15,000 LG 3D TVs

Sky - 3D backing
Sky - 3D backing

Sky has bought 15,000 of LG's 3D television sets in order to kit out venues across the UK with what it sees as the next generation of entertainment.

Korean electronics giant LG announced that a strategic partnership has been formed in which Sky has bought massive amounts of the company's 3DTV sets ahead of the launch in pubs of its Sky 3D channel in April.

"LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics and appliances, today announced a strategic partnership with Britain's largest pay-television provider, British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC (Sky), to supply TVs for Sky's live 3D broadcasts," said LG

"The deal to supply the broadcaster with 15,000 3D TVs is the largest deal of its kind. Sky plans to install the TVs in public venues across the UK in advance of plans to broadcast weekly Premier League matches in 3D beginning this spring."

Test screening

A screening of Manchester United's visit to Arsenal provided a test screening in a handful of pubs, but the satellite giant is keen to push the technology into more venues.

Sky 3d - in pubs

To that end it has set up a showcase at Westfield shopping centre in London, and plans to roll out a hundred more to introduce the public to 3D TVs.

A pub only channel –mainly showing a weekly Premiership match but also other key events – launches soon, with a publicly available Sky 3D channel on track for the latter half of 2010.


A partnership with LG, a company keen to stay at the cutting edge of the 3D explosion, will no doubt help both companies get out their messages.

LG has also sealed deals with the Valuable group in India and CBS in the US for sporting events.

"LG wants to enable more customers to experience 3D TV technology in action," said Havis Kwon, Executive Vice President and head of the LCD division of LG.

"Watching live 3D sports broadcasts in public areas brings fans as close to the game as possible without having to step into the stadium.

These partnerships will help consumers become more familiar with 3D TVs and that can only be a positive for the industry and innovation."

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