Got a new Rs 2000 note? 5 best gadgets you can buy under 2K

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The 500 and 1000Rs notes are gone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned these on November 8 as a crackdown on black money and counterfeit currency notes.

These notes are no longer legal tender and either need to be deposited in banks before December 31st or exchanged for the new 500 and 2000 Rs notes.

Now if like many, you have already got your hands on the new Pink 2000 Rs note, celebrate that fact by spending it. In one go.

Never has there been a single note for such a high amount before in India and that leads us to the possibility of exchanging just a single note for some awesome tech!

Here are the 5 best things you can buy with the new 2000 Rs note: 

1. Mi Band 2

The Mi Band 2 is available for just Rs 1,999 and offers the best value for money amongst fitness trackers.

The Mi Band 2 comes with an OLED display which reads the time, heart rate, step count and so on. The OLED display lights up to show the time with a lift of the wrist, and tapping the button lets users view other information like steps taken and heart rate.

The Mi Band 2 also notifies the user about incoming calls and also shows alerts from different apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook. The Mi Band 2 has a lightweight and slim design, is IP67 splash-resistant, and comes with a hypoallergenic silicone band.

The device is compatible with the Mi Fit app, available on Android and iOS. Other than showing activity and sleep statistics, the app allows users to manage alarms and send incoming calls and app alerts, as well as reminders to move after sitting for too long.

2.  Amazon Basics Mini Bluetooth Speakers

Available for Rs 1,599 against a claimed MRP of 1,995 rupees, the AmazonBasics BTV2 make for a value for money buy.

They have a power output of 3W, a built in microphone for hands-free calling and dimensions of 8.4 x 4.4 x 6.5 cm. They weigh 204 grams.While they are not as compact as the JBL GO, the AmazonBasics BTV2 have 10 hours of battery life as compared to the 5 hours found in the JBL Go.

The sound is clear and detailed and they are loud enough for listening to songs on the go, or in a small room. However, expectedly bass is lacking and they distort at full volume.

3.  Sennheiser CX 1.00

The younger brother of the CX 3.00, the CX 1.00 have a street price of around Rs 1,500 as compared to their Rs 2,999 MRP, and are great for those looking for a solid sound upgrade for less than 2,000 rupees.

They have a 1.2m symmetrical cable, a right angled headphone jack and are featherweight at 9 grams.

They have 28 ohm impedance transducers which claim to deliver deep and powerful bass. Just like the CX 3.00, they are also aimed at bass lovers. They come with 4 sizes of silicone plugs out of the box.

Their sound signature is again very similar to the CX 3.00 and have a V shaped frequency response. They are crisp and well detailed, but the bass lack the punch of the CX 3.00. However, for the very same reason, they are a tad more neutral and the lows don't overshadow the mids and highs as much.

4.  Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

A power bank is a must have accessory in today’s digital time. While you  can get higher capacity power banks for the same money, the Anker  PowerCore 10000 portable charger has a few tricks up its sleeve that  distinguish it from the competition.

Firstly, it is extremely thin and light. Infact, Anker claims it is 20%  lighter than most 10,000 man power banks. It is almost as small as a  credit card (smaller than a deck of cards!) and is great for topping up  your charge on the go.

Secondly, it uses Panasonic battery cells and has advanced technologies  like PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to ensure a safe and steady charge. You  don’t want a Galaxy note 7 situation while charging your device, do you?

Lastly, it can upto a provide of upto 2.4 AMP and comes with an astonishing 18-month warranty. It is available for Rs 1,845 on Amazon India (opens in new tab).

5.  The Sony MDR-XB50 AP

The XB50AP are available on e-commerce websites for just under Rs 2,000.

They are earphones designed with a single minded focus - to deliver tight and punchy bass. To deliver the same, they come with big 12mm neodymium magnet drivers and a powered bass duct. What sets them apart from the others in the list so far, is that they also come with an in-line remote and microphone for hands-free phone calls.

They come with 3 pairs of silicon sleeves and a carrying pouch out of the box and have a tangle free cable and a gold plated 3.5mm headphone jack.

Coming to their sound, they deliver incredibly tight, punchy and crisp lows, while also maintaining clarity in the mids and highs. Where they excel is at sub-bass, sounding exceptionally good in rock tracks. What makes them stand apart from other bass heavy earphones from the likes of Sennhesier or Skullcandy, is the fact that the bass, while being incredibly powerful, doesn't overpower the sound, and even the mids and highs are incredibly crisp and detailed.

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