Google is expanding Workspace's data regions

Google Workspace
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As new collaboration tools are introduced to Google Workspace, Google wants to make it easier for admins to control their organization's data which is why the search giant has announced that expanded Data Regions coverage and assured controls are coming to the platform.

Many customers need to follow specific parameters regarding where their data is geographically located at rest and for this reason, Google is expanding Workspace's Data Regions. With select Google Workspace apps, customers can use geo-locational controls to dictate where covered data is located at rest.

Data Regions have long been a security and compliance staple and the company is constantly adding new covered data types and apps to give its customers even deeper control.

In a new blog post, Google has announced that its rolling out extended Data Regions coverage to user indices of Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides for the US data region to help its customers meet their compliance goals.

Assured Controls

Assured Controls is a new add-on for Google Workspace that allows organizations to precisely control cloud computing service provider access and the first feature of this add-on, Access Management, will be rolling out to the US region in the coming weeks.

Access Management gives customers the ability to geographically limit Google staff support actions to US Persons within the company's support teams. This is an especially useful control for highly regulated industries such as financial services and the public sector.

As opposed to industry-specific cloud environments, customers don't have to compromise when it comes to using the tools that Google Workspace has to offer while still having access to the powerful information governance capabilities available with Assured Controls. At the same time though, customers can avoid the added effort and complexity involved with managing a separate cloud environment.

Organizations interested in using Assured Controls with Google Workspace can learn more about the new add-on by checking out this post on the Google Workspace blog.

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