Google Chrome gives Oculus Rift users native VR support

Oculus Rift users can slip on their headsets and have a much easier time navigating the web on Chrome now that native virtual reality (VR) support has been added. 

A new flag for "Oculus hardware support" in the stable build of Google Chrome was spotted by a Redditor and noted in a post today.

The flag says, "If enabled, Chrome will use Oculus devices for VR (supported only  on Windows 10 or later)." 

With our browser updated to the latest version, we checked for the flag at chrome://flags and it is indeed there. Google has been pushing forward with VR support in Chrome for some time now, and this latest move will make it much easier for users of one of the best VR headsets to surf the web. 

Google isn't the first to give Oculus Rift owners a way to browse the web in VR. There are already plenty of other VR web browsers, and Oculus even has its own specific browser on the Oculus Store. But, access to one of the top web browsers through VR is likely to be welcome by Oculus enthusiasts.

This new feature brings more VR support to Google Chrome just after Firefox announced it was making significant moves toward VR support. Firefox Reality is a planned browser version focused on standalone virtual and augmented reality headsets. 

While each step toward complete support is great, it's likely still going to be a while before anyone is doing the majority of their web browsing in VR or AR.

Via Variety

Mark Knapp

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