Alexa and Google Assistant are the big new additions to LG's TVs at CES 2018

Updated: A representative from LG has confirmed that the new televisions will also support Amazon's Alexa voice assistant in addition to Google Assistant. More details of the support is expected to be revealed at CES 2018. 

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With its focus on OLED display technology, LG's TVs have consistently been some of the most impressive looking at CES, but this year they'll also have some fancy audio tricks up their sleeve thanks to the addition of Google Assistant support

The TVs join the Google Assistant-equipped ThinQ speaker that the company announced at the end of 2017

At a recent preview event, LG confirmed that you'll be able to use your voice to switch between inputs, channels, and of course ask all the same basic queries as usual from Google's smart assistant.

Voice in TVs

Voice control has been a staple of high-end TVs for several years now. LG itself has included voice search functionality in its TVs in previous years, although this has been based on its own voice recognition technology rather than Google's. 

Thanks to its Android TV integration, both Sony and Philips' TVs have included Google Assistant functionality in past years, but late last year Sony integrated Alexa functionality to allow you to use an external smart speaker to control its TVs. 

As well as voice control functionality, the new TV lineup features a new Alpha 9 processor that is apparently 35% faster than previous years, as well as enabling framerates of up to 120fps for 4K content. Check out our full guide to LG's 2018 TV lineup for all the details. 

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