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GOG’s 10th anniversary sale has great discounts and Shadow Warrior 2 for free

Shadow Warrior 2
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GOG is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and marking that milestone with some impressive discounts on big-name games, not to mention a tempting freebie in the form of Shadow Warrior 2.

Yes, you can grab the sequel (opens in new tab) to the cult first-person shooter for absolutely nothing (the original was first released way back in 1997, can you believe, and subsequently rebooted 16 years later).

That’s a pretty sweet deal, to say the least, because Shadow Warrior 2 was a generally well-received game, particularly as a co-op blast. The offer has just kicked off, and will run for two days, so don’t hang about.

But what about the other deals GOG is offering? We’ve picked out some of the best of the bunch, as follows…

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – $17.99 (£15.00) (opens in new tab)
This acclaimed action adventure is only a year old, and comes with an impressive 40% discount. Plus you get the VR edition of the game so those with a headset can benefit from an even more intense Hellblade experience.

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10th Anniversary Collection III: The Modern Classics – $25.00 (£19.39) (opens in new tab)
This celebratory compendium is a real bargain because it contains Kingdom Come: Deliverance (opens in new tab), a 2018 action RPG which normally costs $129.99 or £39.99. Plus you get two other games with it – Battle Chasers: Nightwar and Shadows Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Nice!

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – $19.99 (£13.99) (opens in new tab)
This is the Game of the Year Edition of the classic RPG, and if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, maybe this 60% discount will persuade you to step into the boots of Geralt.

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Into the Breach – $11.99 (£9.29) (opens in new tab)
Okay, so this isn’t such a big discount, although it’s still 21% off, and this turn-based strategy game is such a hot topic right now, we figured it was well worth highlighting.

There are loads more games on offer over at GOG (opens in new tab), so be sure to have a browse yourself, and see if you can pick out your favorite classics and more contemporary hits alike.

And don’t forget that Black Friday rolls around again next month, so we’re bound to see some bargain games, and indeed gaming hardware, in November.

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