God of War Ragnarok could launch on PS4 and PS5, as dev teases cross-gen release

God of War
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God of War: Raganarok, the upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed God of War game from Sony's Santa Monica studio, could be coming to PS4 as well as PS5.

Developer David Jaffe – formerly an employee of the Santa Monica Studio – has made some interesting comments about the platform launch of 'God of War 2', during a game stream of the 2018 title. As you'll hear in the clip below, Jaffe quite clearly states that "I'm sure the next God of War will be PS4, PS5. Of course it will."

He adds: "Jim Ryan has pretty much said as much."

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It's worth noting that Jaffe did work on a God of War game, but it was the original PS2 title, rather than the 2018 reboot, meaning he likely won't have been party to key discussions on the 2021 sequel. 

However, Raganarok is launching early enough in the PS5's life cycle that it would make sense to cater to the previous generation.

Hopes for cross-gen

God of War: Ragnarok was announced in September 2020, with a vague release window of 2021, meaning it is coming soon.

Sony has been on the fence about supporting the PS4, though, with the likes of the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart game confirmed to only be launching on PS5. 

However, it did soften its stance with the announcement of PS4 versions of  Spider-Man: Miles MoralesHorizon Forbidden West, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, despite initially making noises about wanting to focus on the next-gen platform.

2021 also kicked off with Sony discontinuing the majority of PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles, to focus its manufacturing lines on the short-on-supply PS5.

Obviously, those unable to acquire a PS5 thus far, or those planning on holding onto their current-gen PS4 / PS4 Pro console for a while yet – like this writer, who's holding out on a PS5 Slim console down the line – will be hoping they won't be locked out of a God of War sequel.

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