Get double data with Giffgaff's bulging SIM only goodybags

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Following Ofcom's new 'text to switch' rules that make switching network easier for UK consumers, mobile phone providers are taking the opportunity to lure their way with some brilliant new deals – the latest is a new goodybag boost from Giffgaff on its SIM only deals.

In particular, it's Giffgaff's £20 goodybag that is seeing the biggest change. It usually gets you 20GB of data but from today that has been doubled to a bountiful 40GB. You still also get unlimited calls and texts, plus free calls to all Giffgaff numbers. This applies to both current Giffgaff users as well as anyone new to the network, so prepare for a boost if you already have this goodybag.

'Always On' with Giffgaff

The other change is to Giffagaff's so-called 'Always On' goodybag. The £25 per month unlimited data SIM only deal still gives all-you-can eat data, texts and calls.

The slight hitch with Giffgaff's 'Always On' plans is that once you use up a certain amount of data in a month, the network reduces the speeds down from 4G to 384 kbps between 8am and midnight. But now Giffgaff is doubling that cut-off from 20GB to 40GB - that's a massive amount of data still on 4G.

Head to Giffgaff's website to take advantage of the goodybag boost

Giffgaff's Head of Propositions, David Caton says: "We’re always looking to give members the best value for their money. We’re happy to bring these goodybag updates to some of our most popular goodybags.

"We hope it means that our existing members are satisfied and that it gives potential new members another reason to choose Giffgaff."

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