GDC 2020 was cancelled, but GDC Summer is set to take its place this August

GDC 2020
(Image credit: GDC/Informatech)

GDC 2020 was cancelled last month due to the increasing spread of coronavirus - a situation that hasn't abated since that February 28 announcement. But despite the grim outlook for public events, organizer Informa Tech has announced that a smaller version of the convention, dubbed GDC Summer, will take place from August 4-6.

Had it gone ahead, GDC 2020 would have wrapped up today after a full week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. GDC Summer will take place at the same venue, but will run at a reduced three days, and is positioned as "a unique Game Developers Conference experience" that will not replace GDC 2021.

A more intimate affair

While the event will still play host to development-focused talks and presentations, it appears to be a more freewheeling affair: "microtalks and fireside chats" will feature, as will a swathe of business-centric talks. Prices range $99 through to $599, depending on when tickets are purchased and whether access is granted to conferences or the expo. It's unclear at this stage which companies will take part.

"GDC Summer will give the game development community a chance to come together in a way that hasn’t currently been possible due to COVID-19," the press release states. "Safety remains the GDC organizers’ paramount concern and the GDC team will continue to monitor the latest information from health officials to ensure a safe and compelling event for everyone at GDC Summer, GDC 2021 and beyond."

It seems unusually optimistic that public events will be any safer in August than they are now. In any case, a large number of talks scheduled to take place at GDC 2020 were livestreamed over the course of this week.