We don't care if GTA Online is buggy – just where are the damn airplanes?

Or was it more than that? Just days later after the Valve Jira database (that's the one they use for finding bugs) was left open and accessible to the public for a brief period of time. In that window, people saw a lot, including a list of names that were involved with the production of, yep, Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3.


Crowbars: soon to be all the rage again

One of us has said it once and one of us will say it again – Half-Life 3 is setting us all up for a fall. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know it will be good. But you don't want good. You want life-changing. And that, friends, it can never be.

And on that positive note here are some links from Future's network of games, movies and all-round fun.


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