Top 12 gifts for Wii owners

7. Wiipoints, £various, everywhere

Ideal stocking-filler stuff - essentially a gift voucher to buy games and downloadable content from the online Wii store. No Wii owner would grumble about getting a few hundred points for Chrimble.

Wii points

8. Gioteck Stagelight, £20

This battery powered lightshow doesn't require any kind of connection to the Wii itself - it just picks up on sound. Specifically, all the sound and fury of a Guitar Hero or Rock Band game, dynamically throwing up flashing colours in response to music. If you're really serious about this band fantasy thing, you'll really get off on this.

Gioteck stagelight

9. Datel Wireless Duo-Fx Nunchuck, £15

That short cable strung between the Wiimote and a Nunchuck can cause all end of twisty, tangled problems. This third party alternative may not be quite as pretty as the official Nunchuck, but it ditches the wire in favour of a small box that plugs into the Wiimote so it can talk to the 'chuck cable-free. Gives you a lot more room to wildly wave your hands.

Wireless duo-fx

10. VGA cable, £23

Ain't it annoying when someone's watching telly, so you can't play on your Wii? This cable means you don't need to buy a second TV for the bedroom; instead, you can connect your console to your PC's monitor. It's also useful if your HDTV's component or SCART ports are being taken up by something else.

VGA cable

11. CTA Bowling Ball, £20

One of oh-so-many contenders for Most Ludicrous Wii Peripheral, but it's incredibly alluring nonetheless. It cracks in half so you can insert a Wiimote, and houses its own buttons on top. Other than that, it's, as it claims, basically a bowling ball. Oh - and only 1.2kg, so don't worry about shattered kiddy-wrists.

CTA bowling ball

12. Gamecube Wavebird Controller, various

Now out of print, but readily available second hand on eBay. A piece of gaming history - one of the earliest wireless game controllers, and one that remains curiously ageless thanks to excellent build quality and being based around the much-missed Gamecube controller. It works perfectly with the Wii, for both GC titles and retro purchases from the Wii shop - just pop the receiver module into one of the Gamecube slots underneath the top hatch and you're away.



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