The Who - already bored of Rock Band

Roger Daltrey is bored of EA's Rock Band, despite making pots of cash from it

You may remember that granddad-rockers The Who recently licensed some downloadable tracks to Electronic Arts to be used in the company's Rock Band videogame.

However, this doesn't seem to have stopped Roger Daltrey speaking out against the game in a recent interview.

Daltrey told CNN that he had tried Rock Band and got bored quickly.

The report adds that Daltrey, "laments the way technology has shifted how people regularly interact with music, saying the scrapping of long-play records signaled the death of the music industry."

Digital destroyed music

"They've destroyed the form, as soon as it went digital. The CD was a confidence trick," Daltrey said.

"It wasn't just music that people used to buy, it was a total art form. ... I think that's what people like. They like it personal. They like vinyl because if you scratch vinyl, it'll be scratched, but it'll be your scratch. It will only be on your record."

"Now for people, (music) is just not a big part of their lives. It's like background noise. There's just so much else going on, isn't there?" he added.

Daltrey – still clearly living in some 1960's dream world in his head – added: "That's all we had was music. There was nothing else. There was cinema, music and sex. Life was better."