Star Fox: Zero release date is coming in hot

Star Fox Zero release date
Star Fox Zero release date

Virtual space enthusiasts have had a busy day. First, we learned that sandbox space sim No Man's Sky will launch on June 21. Now, we have a set day for Star Fox: Zero's crash landing onto the Wii U: April 22.

During a Nintendo Direct, icon and company creative director Shigeru Miyamoto announced that the game would be ready soon - very soon, in fact.

In less than two month's time, players can look forward to an experience similar to the N64 version of the game, full of branching paths, boss battles and living bioweapons that require precision barrel rolls.

Miyamoto also announced that physical copies of the game would also include Star Fox: Guard, a rebranded version of a mini-game the creator showed off at E3 last year.

While the main game will be common fare for Nintendo alumni, Star Fox: Guard asks you to watch over a mining base with a set of turrets and cameras, fending off robots while Slippy's uncle Grippy (facepalm) harvests the geodes.

Today's announcement of a release date was somewhat bittersweet. Nintendo fans on social media seemed pleased that Star Fox was coming soon, but ultimately disappointed that Nintendo didn't use today's event to talk about a new Legend of Zelda game or the two new Pokemon titles, Sun and Moon.

Star Fox: Zero was first shown to the public at E3 2015 where Nintendo offered half a dozen demo stations on the show floor. Zero will be a return to form for the series after a few faux pas on the Nintendo DS and very different Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube.

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