No Man's Sky finally has a release date (and shiny toy ship!)

Now you can own a ship from No Man's Sky in real-life

Hello Games has finally announced a release date for No Man's Sky, confirming that the intergalactic space exploration simulator will hit PC and PlayStation 4 on June 21.

Also announced today was some sweet, sweet iam8bit merchandise for eager fans to preorder, including a replica spaceship to explore the far reaches of your office desk.

Part of a limited run of 10,000 units, No Man's Sky's "Explorer Edition" commands a price tag of $149 (about £105, AU$202). Each Explorer Edition not only comes with a PC download of the game, but a hand-painted model ship complete with decal stickers.

The Explorer Edition also includes a special pin, a diorama display for your model ship and - as iam8bit, describes it - a "rad box."

Finally, iam8bit teases a "mystery item" to be included with all the other goodies, which will be announced in June during the game's launch.

PS4 owners wanting a special collector's edition of their own are in luck, as listings for a Limited Edition of No Man's Sky have appeared on GameStop's website, which includes a steelbook case, comic, artbook, and special downloadable content - sadly, no toy ships.

No Man's Sky has been as eagerly-anticipated for many as it has been enigmatic.The game features a procedurally-generated universe that players can explore at will, naming each planet they discover as they mine resources and survive in uncharted space.

iam8bit is also offering several other products in its No Man's Sky line such as t-shirts, posters, pins and a vinyl printing of the game's soundtrack. Custom video game vinyls have become a specialty of the LA-based company, such as with the technicolor special edition set for Hotline Miami 2 or a translucent blue record set for XCOM 2.

Parker Wilhelm
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