PS Now game rentals appear on PlayStation Store

Sony to introduce game rentals with PlayStation Now launch?
Sony might not have a Titanfall, but Now is going to be gigantic

An update to the North American PlayStation Store suggests Sony is preparing to roll out a game rental service.

It looks as though gamers will be able to rent a game for either one day, seven days or 30 days, although it's reported that the rentals aren't working at this time.

Right now, all three rental period options show up as free, but that's almost certainly just down to the feature not yet being live.

Some further digging by NeoGAF users has revealed that this new feature is part of PlayStation Now, Sony's Gaikai-based streaming service.

Crossing the streams

Playstation Now

Credit: @Nabeshin186

When Sony rolls this out, there's no denying it'll be a pretty big deal. Although we'd expect the rental option to be limited to older games - we can't see publishers being too happy about selling their new titles so short.

Sony sent out PlayStation Now beta invites to select users in the US, where the service will roll out this Summer. As for the UK, we'll have to wait until early 2015.

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