Sony talks about Project Morpheus going beyond games in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine


As of today you can go and grab yourself a copy of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine, which arrives jam-packed with PS4 and VR-related goodies.

Not only do the team take the latest iteration of Project Morpheus for a spin, they also sit down to chat with the big cheese himself, Shuhei Yoshida, and senior R&D researcher Dr Richard Marks.

"VR will definitely broaden in terms of its use: gaming is just the start," Yoshida told OPM. "Already we've been asked to support other industries, but we can't say yes to everyone."

While the focus for Morpheus right now is games, games, games, both Yoshida and Marks are interested in the potential of virtual reality for education and even virtual tourism, with Yoshida commenting, "The use of Morpheus with PS4 will become much broader."

You'll find plenty more in the issue, including a 10-page Project Morpheus hands on and a massive play test of VR co-op bomb diffusing game, Nobody Explodes.

And that's before we've got to the 20-page monster guide to Metal Gear Solid V - packed with plenty of Kojima - and a hands on with the first modular controller for PS4. It's pretty much Optimus Prime meets the DualShock.

You can pick up the new mag in stories or direct from here. It's also available on iOS devices and Android.

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