Rockstar pushes in-game physics envelope

Rockstar Games has released the first stunning trailer on its forthcoming cowboy-themed epic, Red Dead Redemption, claiming that the next game is the biggest deal since Grand Theft Auto IV.

Rockstar claims that the game – the sequel to 2004's Red Dead Revolver – is making use of NaturalMotion's euphoria physics engine in a number of new ways – noting that the representation of pushing a character down a flight of stairs has never been so realistic, with a slight move to the left or right causing a totally different fall each time.

It is a natural development from the same use of the tech in GTA IV and we cannot wait to get stuck into some of the barroom brawling scenes when Red Dead Redemption launches later in 2009.

RAGE against the marshals

In addition to pushing the euphoria physics engine to the limit, the game also makes use of Rockstar's proprietary RAGE graphics engine – also used in its previous titles GTA IV, Table Tennis (still one of our favourite sports games of this gen) and Midnight Club: LA.

Red Dead Redemption is being developed by the same team that created the RAGE engine over at Rockstar San Diego.

The studio's latest epic is set in an open world of frontier towns, mountain passes, dusty prairies and loose ladies. Set around the turn of the 20th Century, it follows the exploits of former outlaw, John Marston, and the demise of the mythical Wild West of guns, gold and outlaws.

Rockstar ships when its ready

It is due out late 2009, though with Rockstar's reputation for being a "we'll ship when its ready" developer, don't be surprised if it slips into 2010.

To see what is quite possibly the most beautiful videogame trailer of all time, head over to check out

Expect more on this and all those other triple-A titles you will want to be looking out for this winter from E3 early next month.

Adam Hartley