Project Gaems debuts the Sentry, teases with the upcoming Vanguard

Project Gaems Sentry
Project Gaems unveils the latest portable gaming environment

Project Gaems debuted their new G155 Sentry or simply "The Sentry" at E3 2012.

The Sentry is a Microsoft-licensed product that houses a 15 inch 720p HD display, with hardly any lag that only a CRT can rival.

It's also more streamlined than its predecessor, the G155.

What's more, padded cushions safely store your Xbox 360 console. All protected by a solid industrial strength shell.

A gaming "fortress of solitude"

"We've put the Sentry through rigorous testing," said John Smith, VP sales and marketing.

"Our main goal is to make sure that the display, all its components and the gaming console does not incur any damage."

Smith continued, "Regardless of cracks to the exterior, the display and console must be operational. That's priority number one."

The price point for the Sentry is about $250.

After he shows off the Sentry, Smith proceeds to the behind closed doors preview of the all-new "Vanguard."

Bigger is always better

The Vanguard is a state of the art gaming environment system that's also being developed by Project Gaems.

It's similar to the Sentry but slightly bigger. Instead of a 15-inch display, the Vanguard houses a 19-inch 720p display.

Not only is the display bigger, the screen also boasts better viewing angles.

Unlike the Sentry, which was designed for a single player experience, the Vanguard has multiple players in mind.

Improvements in the display were not the only thing, audio speakers were upgraded. Customizable lenticular lenses were added, and they made sure it was at least compatible for a PlayStation 3 and the PS3 slim.

The Vanguard is slated to be a Microsoft licensed product and is currently going through certification.

As it was a closed-doors preview, no photography or pictures were allowed or provided.

Project Gaems looks to place a price point of under $300 for the Vanguard and is working hard towards that goal.