Nvidia's new software makes streaming and optimizing your games a breeze

GeForce Experience 3.0

Nvidia has pushed out a new version of its GeForce Experience software which is more streamlined and boasts a revamped UI including a convenient in-game overlay.

GeForce Experience 3.0 has been completely retooled from scratch, meaning it's faster and also leaner – the company claims it's three times faster than the previous incarnation of the app, while using only half the amount of memory.

As mentioned, you also get a completely new interface, including an in-game overlay that allows for quick and convenient access to features such as recording, streaming and instant replays – sharing those choice gaming highlights has never been easier, whether you're showing off video, screenshots or live streaming.

You can record your games at up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, or livestream straight to Twitch or YouTube Gaming at 60 fps in full HD. It's also possible to use the Stream option on the in-game overlay to swiftly invite a friend into your gaming session to take control of your character to help you through a difficult bit, or indeed play co-op with you.

GeForce Experience 3.0 menu

Simplified settings

Version 3.0 also boasts Game Ready drivers optimized for specific games which can be installed with one simple click, and Optimal Playable Settings – which tune in-game settings for the best experience – is also now accessible with a single click. Ease-of-use is certainly a priority with this new release.

Registered users of GeForce experience will also benefit from various giveaways and prizes from time to time, which might be free games, beta keys, or indeed a free graphics card or gaming notebook if you really luck out.

You can grab the new version by updating through your existing GeForce Experience installation, or download it here.

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