How much will the Oculus Rift cost? We've made our predictions

John McCann - Phones and Tablets Deputy Editor

Prediction: £250/£170

I think we could be surprised with a lower-than-expected price tag as Oculus looks to put Rift on as many heads as possible. Then it can focus on making money from software and games.


Anh Tuan Huynh - Auto Editor

Prediction: $250/£170

Retail units are usually cheaper than dev units. Facebook can afford to sell at minimal or no profit to get more people to adopt and get their cut off the Oculus store software purchases.

Hugh Langley - Associate Editor

Prediction: £300/$440

I'm a bit optimistic, but I do think the fact that Facebook now owns Oculus VR means the company has the luxury of selling a cheaper headset. Now that the tech is (almost) ready, it comes down to the software - and that's where Facebook is going to rake in the big bucks. Just think: Zuckerberg is probably already building his own Metaverse.

Joe Osborne - Senior Editor

Prediction: £240/$350

I'm putting my bet on no more than $349, because it can't be priced much higher than current gaming consoles and other hardware. That's especially because Sony will be in a better position to undercut all the rest, given that it already has a huge base that can use its headset out of the box. (Also, Facebook can shore up any money lost on its cut of app sales.)

Patrick Goss - Global Editor in Chief

Prediction: $750/£500

That's about the price of a high-end smartphone with a decent screen, so I won't be surprised if the Rift costs at least that much.

Jita Mitra - Video Producer

VR headsets make my eyes/head hurt if I wear them too long. And a bit sick. They need some work. So whatever the price - it's that many pounds/dollars too much right now.

Matt Swider - Mobile Devices Editor

Prediction: $299/£200

I'm hoping that the Oculus Rift price will be $299. That's how much the original DK1 kit cost, and DK2 wasn't much more at $349. Take note: many virtual reality novices will have to upgrade their PC to run the headset, so the new Oculus won't be your only expensive investment.

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