Remote Play gives PS Vita new life as sales soar following PS4 release

Remote Play gives PS Vita new life as handheld sales soar following PS4 release
Sony's Remote Play strategy seems to be paying off

Sales of Sony's PlayStation Vita console have shot up since last month's launch of the PS4, according to reports this weekend.

Vita sales rose 68 per cent in the week the PS4 went on sale, MCV reports, and were up 65 per cent on pre-PS4 figures the week after.

Sony has put a lot of effort into making the PS Vita appear to be a vital cog in the overall PS4 gaming wheel, by integrating the neat Remote Play feature.

This allows gamers to continue playing PS4 games on the Vita display rather than the living room television set, as long as they're on the same Wi-Fi network.

The idea is that gamers moving from room to room, or unable to wrest control of the TV away from family members can continue to enjoy their console.

Heavily touted

The feature was heavily touted by Sony in the run-up to the PS4 launch throughout 2013 and it seems as if gamers agree as to its merits.

Sony launched some PS4 and PS Vita bundles through various retailers at PS4 launch events, but most observers expect the two console's fates to be unified to a greater extent come 2014.

On MCV's report commenter Dale Thornton sums up the mood among some Sony fans: "Its honestly a great time to get a Vita," he said.

"I bought one a few weeks ago to accompany my PS4. Theres a massive back catalogue of amazing games, most of which have been free with PS Plus! And theres loads of new indie games incoming."

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