E3 2012: Microsoft to reveal what 'SmartGlass' really is

Xbox 360
The "Smart Glass" is half full

In this day and age, you would guess "Smart Glass" would refer to some form of innovative glass or plastic that serves some technological function, like the high-resistance Gorilla Glass.

However, you would be off the mark. "Smart Glass" is the new project that Microsoft is rumored to unveil at this year's E3 2012.

Streaming the river Media

Based on early reports, "Smart Glass" is supposed to be Microsoft's own version of Apple's AirPlay -- providing streaming technology.

This allows Xbox 360 users to stream content from their smartphones or tablets, to their televisions using the Xbox 360 system as a conduit.

But, this doesn't mean that non-windows phone users are left out in the cold.

In fact, Microsoft intends to have "Smart Glass" available for multiple platforms asides from Windows phone, according to published reports.

These include iOS, Android and a standard windows application.

"Smart Glass" would allow users to remotely control their Xbox 360s, much like the Kinect does via voice command and without the use of a controller.

Other rumored functionality includes the ability to pull up Xbox 360 downloaded apps - such as ESPN, UFC or Netflix - from their phones.

This falls in line with Microsoft's mission of making the Xbox 360 a central hub for the home's entertainment needs.

So far there has been no confirmation or denial about "Smart Glass." However, there have been reports that they have been busy snapping up "Smart Glass" related domain names.

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Via PC Mag, Examiner