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Round up a posse - we're going after Gabe Newell
Round up a posse - we're going after Gabe Newell

With another week safely tucked under our skirts, with only the tendrils of a gloriously sunny Friday evening poking out, the fine folks at Computer and Video Games have kindly informed us of the key happenings in gaming over the last seven days.

Shooting people, lawlessness and brothels is a combination that is always likely to lure in the average gamer, and GTA maker Rockstar's past record with all three means that Red Dead Redemption is a surefire hit.

But, not to rest on their laurels, the gaming giants have provided a hugely impressive title, which CVG have awarded with 9.4.

On the other hand, the game has been hit with a little bit of criticism over its "high-definitionness". Apparently the PS3 version falls a little short.

Wing mirror gnashers

Elsewhere, editor Tim Ingham managed to cast his eye over the news that Virgin were taking another punt at gaming and use the words "wing-mirror gnashers" in his description of Richard Branson. Win.

Google TV appeared, as you all already know, and CVG were quick to pose the question 'Will Google TV come to PS3?'. Answer: *shrug*

Finally, Valve's Gabe Newell has insisted that he wants the PS3 to be more open. He is SUCH a PS3 fanboy…

You can check out all the gaming news over on CVG.

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