Watch out Amazon, Xbox One has some pretty big TV plans of its own

Watch out Amazon, the Xbox One has big TV plans of its own
Halo headlines Microsoft's TV ambitions - and we can't wait

At the reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft made it clear that it had big plans for original programming, and that's starting to come together with word that there are at least six series already in production.

We already knew about the Spielberg-produced Halo TV series, but this will also be joined by several other shows, according to Bloomberg, including a stop-animation shows from Seth Green and Humans, a remake of the Swedish sci-fi show Real Humans (which Microsoft told us will start shooting mid-2014).

The report claims that, beyond the six series already being worked on, there are "more than a dozen" other projects in development for the Xbox platform, heading to both the One and 360.

Let's interact

However Microsoft wants there to be at least one interactive aspect of each show which uses some unique Xbox feature - the most obvious one being Smartglass - to differentiate it from its rivals.

This will be the first time Microsoft enters the realm of original programming, a space in which Netflix and Amazon have already staked their claims.

Humans, which is coming from Xbox Entertainment Studios, will consist of eight hour-long episodes, and will air on Xbox.

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