Sorry PS3 games: no native hosting in PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4
PlayStation Cloud will change the way old games are played

During Wednesday's PlayStation Meeting, CEO of Gaikai David Perry came onstage to discuss just what the future of the cloud would hold for the PlayStation Network.

A big point of his time in the spotlight was devoted to detailing how Gaikai and Sony were working together to keep gamers connected to the games that appealed to them.

Perhaps the most important bullet point for PS gamers indicated the PS4 won't play PS3 games natively, meaning there will be no traditional backwards compatibility with Sony's next generation console.

However, all's not lost. According to Perry, plans are in place right now to develop the process of playing any game in the PlayStation catalog on any Sony device.

Old games new

That doesn't just bode well for the catalogue of PS3 games you own, either.

We could see first-gen PlayStation games could be streamed via the cloud to the PS Vita, or PlayStation 2 games streamed to the PS4, and vice versa.

For now, that technology is only but a hope of what Gaikai and Sony can accomplish together, and is far from a guaranteed feature of the PlayStation Network.

It was another in a line of promised potential for the PlayStation 4, but one that should have gamers optimistic about the future of not just cloud gaming, but maintaining deep catalogs of forgotten classics.