PS4 comes home as Sony cements next-gen advantage with Japanese launch

PS4 comes home as Sony presses home next-gen advantage with Japan launch
The PS4 has a chance to increase its lead over Xbox One

When Sony announced Japan would not be among the PS4 launch countries last year, many wondered whether the company had completely lost its marbles.

However, it has since stamped its authority on the next-gen gaming race with 5.8 million PS4 sales around the globe. Now, avid gamers in the company's Japanese homeland can finally join in on the fun.

The console, a huge hit in North America, Europe and Australia went on sale at midnight on February 22 in Japan, ending a three month wait for gamers in the land of the rising sun.

Better still for Sony, the Xbox One is yet to land in Japan, giving the company a chance to increase its massive early lead over Microsoft.

Xbox: Very small in Japan

Microsoft is yet to confirm a date for a Japanese Xbox One launch. However, considering the poor performance of the company's previous consoles in the region, it's difficult to imagine this device becoming a hit.

We look forward to the 24-hour sales reports from Sony, following the launch in its home nation. It seems highly likely the company will leave Microsoft with a lot of catching up to do. We'll keep you posted.

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