No, your eyes don't deceive: Sony finally shows the PS4

PS4 controller
Sony outs its console

Sony wasn't going to let Microsoft one up it with its Xbox One presentation, as the former decided the time was right to show us all what it's next-gen console actually looks like.

You're seeing it in the flesh for the first time, folks. The PS4 finally has a face.

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It's quite sharp looking - literally - shaped as one of our editors pointed out like a parallelogram. It's also got a shiny and matte thing going on that reminds us of its chief rival, with a dash of PS2 thrown in.

Michael Linton, CEO of Sony Pictures, said the company will provide exclusive, gamer-tailored titles to the system. Services like Music Unlimited will be available on the first day of the PS4's availability, while Verizon's Redbox Instant and Flixter are heading to PlayStation Network.


New services headed PSN's way

Glamor time

The PS4 can either lay flat or upright thanks to a stand, though we have to say the angularity of the machine is lost when it's on its end. There's a modernity to its slanted, flat profile that's edgy in a good way.


On the up and up

Microsoft set the bar high enough with its Monday morning press conference, while we'll reserve final judgement until we get to play with the consoles, Sony certainly didn't trip over it, that's for sure.

Not only did we get a look at the hardware we were left without when the PS4 debuted in February, we also got some info on games, pricing and features not found in the Xbox One.


All in the family

You'll be able to pick it up during the holidays (no specific date) for $399/£349/€399, with no online check-in requirements and no restrictions on used games.

Microsoft didn't touch on its 24-hour check-in policy during its press conference, but the firm did out pricing at $499/£429/€499.

Marketing wars, anyone?

You can see the PlayStation 4 in all its glory in the video below:

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